Helen Kowalewski

Property Manager
Where do you live? Canada Water What’s the best thing about your job? Working with the great team of people here which makes work fun! Favourite London restaurant? Durbar Indian R estaurant in Notting Hill Favourite book? One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn Describe your perfect weekend. Driving back home to Yorkshire for the weekend to see family and friends. What’s your favourite holiday? Skiing in Saas Fee, Switzerland. A beautiful place – amazing views, great skiing and lots of Glühwein! Favourite place in London? On a sunny afternoon, the Southbank is great to have a few drinks with friends and have a wander from London Bridge all the way to Waterloo along the river. You can see some great sights along there.

Samantha Nakrani

Office and Finance Manager

Fifi Durelle Julian

Property Consultant
Fifi lives in Bromley but is originally from Dulwich. Her favourite restaurant is Hakkasans and Zuma. My favourite read was Fifty Shades of Grey Her perfect weekend would be a party weekend in Ibiza. Her best holiday was skiing in Kitzbuhel. Fifi's favourite place in London is Soho because of its good bars and the film she has enjoyed most is Pretty woman.

Orinta Garnyte

Director of First Impressions
Where do you live? Richmond, but originally from Lithuania. What’s the best thing about your job? Love working with the nicest team ever! We get on really close and I feel like a family member in the office. Favourite London restaurant? My favourite restaurant is La Brasserie. It is London’s first all day Brasserie in Chelsea. The food is just sensational!!! Favourite book? Oh, it has to be Fifty Shades of Grey!!! Describe your perfect weekend. My perfect weekend would be only MALDIVES!!! What’s your favourite holiday? And again, MALDIVES!!! Favourite place in London? My favourite place in London is Camden! So many things to do there, just amazing! Favourite film? Favourite film is Titanic! Who doesn’t love this film!?

Azeem Akhtar

Property Consultant
Where do you live? Chelsea Favourite London restaurant? Gaucho Favourite book? It’s in the blood: My Life, Lawrence Dallaglio Describe your perfect weekend. Have Friday off, Rugby on Saturday, Football on Sunday What’s your favourite holiday? A toss-up between, Sailing around the med. And skiing in the alps Favourite place in London? Roof Gardens

Dominic George

Property Manager

Charlie Garton-Jones

Charlie Garton-Jones set up Garton-Jones Real Estate in 2003 aged 31. After having studied politics at Edinburgh University, Charlie set up and ran his own successful restaurant called ‘Charlie’s Bistro’ for 5 years however we believe he still, secretly harbours dreams of becoming the next Prime Minister. Diplomacy never having been his primary skill he’s much better suited to the Property industry. Favourite restaurant in London: - Savoy Grill “Where history and luxury collide in one heady mix” Favourite place in London: - The Old Bailey Court 1. “Drama and intrigue all wrapped up with impeccable pedigree; avoid the view from the dock!”.

Chris Garston

Sales and Lettings Manager
Where do you live? Aldgate East What’s the best thing about your job? The pay (kidding) Meeting interesting people from all over the world Favourite London restaurant? Tayyabs Favourite book? Shantaram Describe your perfect weekend. Surfing in the sun with my 2 girls What’s your favourite holiday? Chilling on the beach anywhere warm Favourite place in London? Spitafields market

Julia Kutser

Property Manager
Where do you live? Golders Green What’s the best thing about your job? The best thing about my job are my colleagues. We have a great atmosphere in the office and get along very well. My job offers me a possibility to learn about people and their issues. I get to talk with them and explore subject matters that are new and different to me. Favourite London restaurant? L'Art du Fromage, a French restaurant located in Chelsea, specializes in Cheese cuisine Favourite book? Somerset Maugham “Of Human Bondage” Describe your perfect weekend. Saturday Barbeque with lots of friends, enjoying sunny weather and each other’s company. Lazy Sunday with a very late breakfast and an interesting book or a movie. Favourite film? All time classic – ‘Dirty dancing’

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